Wednesday, 5 February 2014


during the life of this blog i had 9,201 page views, this averages out at just over 25 page views per day, which i think is not bad for a load of rust
i didn’t get many comments though – 85 in total and that includes my replies!
most visitors in any one day:       219 on 19 December 2013
least visitors in any one day:       5 on 1 January 2014
the top 12 countries from whence visitors came to look at the blog:

1.       UK         

2.       USA

3.       Russia

4.       Germany

5.       Ukraine               

6.       Malaysia

7.       France 

8.       Netherlands      

9.       Indonesia  

10.   Romania

11.   Spain    

12.   Serbia                  

visitors also came from:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy              , Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Moldova, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, S. Korea, Taiwan , Thailand and Turkey
thank you, all of you, for visiting

the top 10 (all 12 of them) – the most viewed pages (with a link if you want to see them)
1              solace in the wind                                            2 April 2013
2              RHS flower show 2013 part 4                       27 May 2013
3=           art installation, Nao-Shima, Japan             1 February 2013
3=           rust 365 – the circle is unbroken                                31 January 2014
5              thing for strengthening walls                      5 June 2013
6              angel of the resurrection                              31 March 2013
7              after Olympia                                                    13 April 2013

8              boat winch, Dungeness                                 9 April 2013

9=           reflection                                                            22 June 2013

9=           rust 337 – still waiting                                     3 January 2014

9=           escutcheon                                                        12 August 2013

9=           rungs and outflow                                           16 May 2013

i find two of them quite surprising as they would not be in my top 12 and they aren’t, in my view, particularly  good photographs

for me the surprises are:
 no.2 RHS flower show 2013 part 4, this is almost certainly there because it was ‘re-blogged’ by Sandra Dodd on her wheelbarrow blog
no. 7 ‘After Olympia’, a sculpture by Anthony Caro who died on 23 October 2013, it was shortly after this date that the page had a lot of ‘hits’
i am also pleasantly surprised/amazed that the picture for the last day of the blog not only made it into the top ten but at number 3 where it shares places with the first blog picture - spooky

one of the strangest tales to accompany the making of this blog is connected with the London bridges across the Thames series (unfinished) and the day i was at Barnes footbridge, which never actually appeared but if it had would have looked like this:
as i walked along the path after taking the photograph i came upon this:
poor Sewa Singh Johal's relatives didn't take the lid from his cinerary urn before throwing his ashes into the Thames and it had got washed up by Barnes bridge